Trackout Help

A professional wants to take your track to a world class engineer! To make the song sound as best as possible he needs every instrument dry and on it’s own track. This is tracking out a beat.

Below is universal way to track out your beat but there maybe shortcuts and other ways depending on your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Preparation Steps

  1. Create a new folder and label it: Song Name – BPM – Key (optional)
  2. Remove all tags from the project, then export the mix unmastered as a .wav into the folder you just created
  3. Add ONE mastered version of the beat to the folder so the artist can listen and write to it
  4. Do a file -> Save as -> and name your project file “Beat Name Stems” – This is critical so you still have the original mix after you track it out.

Track Out Steps

  1. Remove ALL effects from every track (Creative FX, Compression, EQ, Reverb, Delays etc.)
  2. Solo each track and export the full length of the song
    24 bit .depth, 44,100 hz
  3. Place each track in folder
  4. Add extra info in a .pdf file for the engineer such and tempo, key and changes between the two if needed.
  5. Once all tracks have been added to the folder, right click the folder > Send to > Compressed folder
  6. Keep this final compressed folder to send to the winner of your auction!


Freedom Tracks 90 bpm F min

  • Freedom mix Notes.pdf
  • Snare
  • Kick
  • Clap
  • Hi Hat
  • Lead Synth
  • Chorus Chords

Extra help link found below: