How To Guide

Click “Sell a Beat” or “Buy a Beat” for a step by step guide.

    1. Create an account or login here
    2. Login to your account and select “My Auctions” from the menu
    3. Click “Add Auction” tab and fill in the required information
    4. Click on the “Add Auction” button and wait for upload process to complete (please note it may take a couple minutes to upload your beat).  Once finished the page will refresh and say “Your Auction has been added successfully. Auction id is [ your #]”
    5. Select “Manage Auctions” tab and click on “make it live.”
    6. Promote your auction and profile on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media
    7. When a bid has been placed and when the auction ends you will notified by email the buyers contact info
    8. Send PayPal invoice, stems, and contract info to buyer
    1. Create an account or login here
    2. Find an auction and select “place bid”
    3. On the next page enter your bid amount and place bid
    4. Follow your auction to make sure no one out bids you
    5. Once auction has ended the producer will contact you by email