For a long time, Hip-Hop producer and rapper, Zak (“Thready”) Threadgill hid his disorder, wrestling with bouts of both suicidal depression and hair-pulling mania. After dealing in private with Bipolar Disorder for over 6 years, Zak decided to face it head on, announcing “I’m different, not crazy.” He began producing hip-hop and writing music as an outlet for depression and created the Bipolar brand to license those tracks to artists, film, TV, video game, and online content producers. Zak’s “all-in-or-fold” mentality, commonly associated with Bipolar Disorder, led to rapid growth in his audio engineering skills, and in 2015 he was honored with the feature presentation at the University of Minnesota-Morris Undergraduate Research Symposium where he gave a live demo of modern mixing practices. Influenced by rappers such as NF, Witt Lowry, and Sik World, Thready hides nothing frequently writing about personal struggles and the trials of life.